Chris Michas

A Colorado native, Chris began his career as a bicycle mechanic and an electrical engineering technician.  In 2003 Chris started building guitars for himself and his friends out of his garage and within a year had moved his shop into a warehouse and had a booming business.  His custom, hand-made, one of a kind guitars captured players and collectors around the world.

A long time motor head and tinkerer, Chris sold the guitar shop in 2010 to pursue cars and motorcycles.  His experience with finishing guitars and then painting cars along with Adam's expertise with firearms makes for a perfect fit with the launch of Colorado Custom Coatings offering high quality Cerakote firearms finishes.

whO we are

The biggest factor in the value we provide is who we are.  Two guys from two very different backgrounds who came together with a common interest and complimentary skill sets to build beautiful cars together. 

Our combined experience gives us the ability to remain a small two man shop and be able to perform all aspects of a restoration in-house.  This "in-house" mentality is where Colorado Custom Coatings was born in our need for various coatings on our automotive projects.

We truly are a custom shop, we build exactly what you want.  Contact us today and bring your vision to life.

Why Choose Us

Adam Wade

Also a Colorado native, Adam has a background as a police officer, first responder and as a tactical shooting instructor.  After moving back to Colorado in 2014, Adam starting working with Chris on a 1978 FJ40 restoration while he pursued police work.  No stranger to cars and turning a wrench, Adam quickly developed a diverse skill set and fit right in.  By the time the restoration was completed it was clear that the two of them needed to continue working together building and restoring cars. 

Today Adam and Chris own and operate Colorado Custom Classics and Colorado Custom Coatings.  Adam is our finishing and body guru while Chris’ forte is electrical and mechanical.  Together they have the skills, experience and equipment to make your automotive dream a reality.