No two people have the same taste in cars.  Our specialty is getting to know each of our clients and building them exactly what they want.  Whether making an old car run again or a frame off show quality restoration we will suit any taste and budget.

Show Quality Restorations

No detail goes unnoticed.  Every component is taken apart, overhauled, and refinished.  The body and frame are stripped down, media blasted, any rust is cut out and replaced and every surface is flawlessly coated or finished.  Engine and driveline, brake system, fuel system, electrical and suspension system are completely rebuilt or replaced.   We even go so far as to strip and re-plate all original hardware in chrome or zinc. We hate to brag but every car we build to these standards always stands out above all the rest!

Restomod / Custom Builds

The sky is the limit!  From off road to street and everything in between, we will design and build any aspect of the car to fit your taste.  

Daily Driver Restorations

Perfect for the car you want restored that you don’t want to feel guilty driving on a regular basis.  All major systems are restored or replaced, body is repaired where needed and painted and interior is restored and/or replaced.  With this level of restoration we don’t go as far in rebuilding the car as we do with a show quality restoration but we keep the same attention to detail in building you a beautiful car.

Roadworthy Restorations

Have an old car that has been sitting and you just want to make it run so you can drive it again?  Let us help.  We can go through the car and make it mechanically sound and road worthy again.